Digital X Rays

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See Below the Surface: Digital X Rays


Children’s mouths grow quickly and changes occur that cannot be seen in a visual exam. Your child’s dental exam will include xrays(Digital X Rays) every 12-18 months to evaluate the teeth and mouth for conditions such as cavities, erupting teeth, extra or missing teeth and bone disease. To protect your child, our office uses the most recent digital technology, which has greatly improved the safety, comfort and speed of xrays:


  • Exposure to radiation is reduced by 80 – 90%!
  • A wireless sensor in the mouth replaces the awkward biting down on plastic cases.
  • With images available in seconds, there is no waiting for film to develop and visits are shorter.
  • Images can be enhanced to show the fine details, allowing the doctor to diagnose conditions in the very early stages.


With digital xrays, the staff at Growing Smiles Dental Care can provide the safest and most pleasant dental experience for you and your child.