Fluoride Treatments

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Stronger From the Inside Out: Fluoride Treatment


Tooth enamel is dissolved and replaced constantly in the mouth, and fluoride makes that replacement material much stronger. Research indicates fluoride can help prevent cavities by:


  • Making the tooth enamel stronger to protect against acids in the mouth formed by bacteria and sugar; and
  • Helping reduce the amount of bacteria that stays on the tooth surface.


Water fluoridation is a common practice in U.S. public water systems. However, bottled water, home treatment systems and private well water may not be fluoridated. The use of fluoride toothpastes and mouthwashes and a diet that includes foods with natural fluoride may be sufficient. However, children under 6 with any history of decay and older children with a few cavities and other risk factors are at moderate to high risk for decay and may benefit from professional fluoride applications. Growing Smiles Dental Care will evaluate your child’s dental health and offer fluoride treatments in our office if needed.